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It’s not where you were born but how you act! In this game what circumstances you were born into determine how you approach the game. Some are in it for fame to erase the shit they came out of. Some are in it for recognition to stand above others. Some are in it to dominate and realize the GOD they are. For this podcast I only focus on one and that’s the M-Class.

It’s not their fault where they were born!

It’s our fault for believing they know what the fvck they are talking about.



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  1. You know the middle class holds the key lmao. But being middle class, I saw and still see a lot of what you’re talking about.

    The middle class claim the poor are stupid/ignorant and the upper class/rich as snobs. But the truth is they’re more so than both of them. I don’t think the poor are that way. It’s just a lack of resources and the upper class/rich could be guarded as a result of not having much trust on those outside of their circle with their finances. It’s like an artist at the top. He can’t just align himself with any old dude from his old hood. It messes things up.

    The middle class claim their worldly too. But they aren’t. How are you worldly when you only get to visit a place twice? They claim the poor aren’t enlightened but again, the poor don’t have access to the resources to do that type of stuff. I also feel like the middle class is somewhat gullible. We put faith in these politicians who talk about “middle class this and that” etc. But people fail to realize they use that for delegates and votes.
    It’s weird because people always criticizing poor black kids for buying expensive sneakers but from my actual experience more middle class people do that shit lmao and on credit.

    When I used to be in high school, it was the middle class dudes who made a big deal of trying to be extra “cool” and “hard”. The poor already came from that environment so what’s there to prove on their part.

    I mean guys used to sell weed for brownie points! Pardon the pun but how are you gonna sell something and not have money as your main motivating factor.

    Obviously not all of the middle class is like this. I was just raised differently by my family to be thrifty with my money so I see it a little differently to some of my peers currently in college. But that’s my rant lol.

    You had me f’d up at the end when you said Baldwin Hills was middle class. I thought it was supposed to be like the richest all black neighborhood in America lol. But it’s cool. When I get out to LA in the spring/summer, I’ll know what type of business to give them. I already have it in my head lol.

    By the way, what’s the name of the documentary at the end and the song too?

  2. The documentary was just me on youtube searching for middle class. The one that came up with the middle class of England and that’s why they sound british.

    Baldwin Hills is middle class in relation to Los Angeles. So maybe you’re right the housing prices might make it one of the richest Black neighborhoods in the USA but in LA there’s a lot more money out there.

    I didn’t mean to jump on the middle class as people, more of a ideology. There’s a fake tale going on like cats in New York who keep repeating NY is the greatest city in the world when they are poor. When you analyze their productivity versus their education it’s horrible.

  3. Another great episode

  4. Hot Fire as usual! I used to think living the Middle Class life was the good life. Until I did some traveling around the globe and seen how kats are really doing it. At that point, I was like I gotta long ass way to go! Nowhere near where I can kick back and put my feet up. Here goes the kicker, wifey pulls up in a whip and I be damn if it ain’t the same M class in the pic…lol.. man I am done! Good Shit

  5. @Kevin Thanks Bruh …. still just speaking my mind.

    @ShookTwos – Don’t get it twisted the middle class got all the resources to be great except that killer instinct as that’s been coached out of them. I had another picture for the M-Class but I thought the symbolism on that was too heavy to pass up. It’s funny that the symbol pulled up. LOL

  6. Some chose to go to school, get a job, buy a house and get a family. Middle class is just two paychecks away from being poor.

    If you gonna be Middle Class stack yo chips and invest in stocks, bonds or startup companies. Keep at least $10k in the bank.

    The secret is to keep your expenses LOW.

  7. The secret is to be middle class for as short of a time as possible. The whole class is backed by debt that enslaves them to a mediocre life for the sake of fake love and respect.

    If only they bought a house and paid it off. Then rented that house and bought two more. In a matter of 5 years between two working people they could stop working when their kid turns 5 years old. After that rinse and repeat.

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