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You never know what’s in a person’s mind and their reasoning. When it comes to money it baffles me that kats know the basic blueprint to making money but never get to it. I guess I will never know what’s holding them up but, I know I better not guess to long or I’m going to lose.

Had this podcast for a while now but never put it out until now.



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  1. Freeman, can you start to include the tracks you play with your podcasts? Some of us gave up listening to the radio. It’s kind of hard trying to navigate through all the BS they play nowadays to find the gems like this one here.

  2. I don’t know if you are on my facebook.com/risegrind but I usually put the song up I”m listening to way before I find the instrumental. But I can do that and I’ll put it on facebook not on the blog for legal reasons.

  3. I think sometimes people don’t know how easy it is to actually just try something. People think they’re going to die if it doesn’t pop. Like if their side hustle doesn’t flip, then they’re going to be homeless because their couple hundred dollar investment didn’t flood the earth.

    I just think it’s best to try. Even if it doesn’t make much money, it’s the experience of doing something. And I don’t know why people think they can only do one at a time. Like they can’t do several small hustles and see which one makes sense.

    Not to mention, people kill me because they have no problem spending $200 on some sneaks but have a problem spending $50 on some product to sell on Ebay or Craigslist.

  4. Bruh, I have failed more times than most and have so many businesses in the queue people think I am bullshitting. The thing for me is time as I know it’ll work but I can’t get my ducks in a row to finish them all.

    Like you said it’s a process and once you finish the first the rest will be relatively easy. I can set up a pick and pack place in one day now. But that came after learning all the shipping from the failed businesses.

    It’s time and effort and most people are scared of the effort.

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