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While most are concentrating on pushing products others are concentrating on enabling you to push products. They are preoccupied with  giving you a place to live, eat, work, play and a avenue to open up shop.  Sometimes we lose sight of all that business encompasses but, we need to be preoccupied with the multiple possibilities of making money.



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  1. It’s almost doesn’t make sense to me to actually pay up 5-6k a month and one doesn’t even know if their business is going to even net a profit. The thing is unless you’re in Beverly hills or on 5th ave, that figure isn’t justifiable to me and probably doesnt outweigh the pressure to come up with that money.

    WTF lol? How do you live? Its like being a self employed employee unless you’ve got a really cheap rent like in your instance.

    It’s interesting you talked about buying and holding onto cheap land because the same thing could be done in developing countries or just straight up in the sticks.

    But then in most of these developing countries, I’ve heard there’s petty shit you have to deal with like backdoor dealings, security issues, corruption, hidden setup fees, the chinese lol, etc.

    The sticks seem easier but there’s lack of public transit in around neighborhoods and commercial centers.

    There’s plenty of times where I’ve been overseas and thought there could be use for a proper mall or a gas station or a theme park of some sort on this blank space of land.

  2. Part of business for those who only think one way is to pay to play. The internet got rid of that bar but some things like food and experiences will always have to be housed in some building of some sort. The goal is to understand that we can own these buildings and be in the right place too.

    The thing to keep in mind is to buy and create. See others just build and say they will have tenants one day. There are plenty of buildings empty in any downtown with no tenants. But, if you created a business and had the land you are starting on more solid ground.

  3. What song is that instrumental from? Thanks

  4. Never mind u made go way back 👍🏽 I found it🎤

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