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Once you realize all these people giving you a hard time in life are just surviving it’ll come to you that this is all they got. It’ll become clear to you that you are listening to a person who doesn’t know how they got in this predicament and don’t know how they will get out. You have desperateness in the flesh right in front of you. Have Mercy!



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  1. I love how you mentioned putting yourself in a position where the plantation is simply a pass through instead of destination to that female co-worker of yours. People seem to think that there is no way to live without being beholden to their job or the corporation. That they can’t stack some money up on their own and secure their lifestyle for 6 months to a year in advance. That even if they lost their job, they would be fine for the foreseeable future while they find the next gig.

    When you have some resources and/or sources of income outside of your job, you become less dependent, mentally, on the job itself. You know that you’ll eat regardless because you some money stacked and some product(s) to sell.

    I look at a job like another monkey bar….or maybe another money bar. Just swinging one to another on the path to the empire. But it’s always easier to maintain the focus when you know you have a stash to cover the basics if something falls through.

  2. If we always kept our mind the same way we think about a car then we would be alright. We are happy when we get it as it’s better than the old one that was failing us. But, sooner or later the new one will fail us and we will have to reup to a new position. The evolution of the same thought is to find you a classic car that you can personally fix yourself and then you have a good feeling along with being able to fix your own problems.

    All things in their natural state eventually get theirselves out of a bad situation. Only a job is where you are cool with enduring a job for barely a living wage.

  3. This has to be my favorite podcast because im trying to better myself. I work for some lawn service mom and pop business but im thinking about moving on because i feel it doesn’t pay enough.

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