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The only example of business comes from those who think business is about robbing, stealing and killing to get money. As a result you have to purge yourself of what you thought making money was about in order to build your own empire in your own image. In Essence Give the Devil Back What’s His!



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  1. Man i know this has nothing to do with your podcast but i want to share the story anyway. Me and a lady friend went to this painting while you sip wine event. This is the second time i’ve been to one of these events and the artist ask if there are any song request while we’re painting. It always trips me out how the black people at these events try to seem so “cultured” or whatever by avoiding naming any black artist or rap songs. They are requesting garth brooks, blake sheldon, adele, etc. like they don’t listen to rap, lol. So just to fuck with them i’ll request some fetty wap, tupac, lost boyz, etc. and they give me side eyes like I’m setting us back 500 years….. lol

  2. See you a better brother than me. I would’ve said Luke Pop that Coochie and Ludacris I got hoes. Then when they looked at me I would’ve said they have good beats and I like painting to music like that. How about You?

    Homie you know folk want to act like they are universal and really are looking at the instructor saying I bet he likes KISS. So then they say to him I like Slayer and Yoko Ono. Homie that could be a skit for a comedian.

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