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I get so tired of hearing people give you a way with coping with losing. Don’t respond to them as they’ll have power over you. By getting mad they took you off your game and you have given them power.

Really Homie….Really? I swear the devil gives a million and one tactics to not respond to something you should respond to. The whole idea behind so called intelligence is for you not to use yours in battle. POWER!



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  1. You take things a bit too far sometimes as you say in your youth. You see that life hasn’t changed but basically the same game in a different place. Your take on life is as you say recognizing patterns and you see them over and over with different players. The funny thing is since I’ve been listening I’m starting to see them too. Interesting podcast.

  2. Of course they are extreme as everyone pays attention to disaster and only a few can take a warning. If you understand the elements and know the tendencies of those who have been taught so called logic then in essence it is the same pattern. The trained have been trained right?

    What I propose is more a understanding not a call to action. We should wonder how us not using our power to change things somehow is virtuous. Restraint from annihilation is virtuous but not responding for some bullshit moral or societal victory is the stuff slavery mind control was based on.

  3. Hey, I agree wholeheartedly and I like the examples you gave. Young Freeman was about that life lmao!

    “Educated” people like to find ways to deal with BS, so they can feel like they’re in control of situations where others control them. Their education serves as a mechanism for quelling with loss.

    Like you intimated, the main power someone has, especially while on the plantation, is the choice to decide whether they stay or go. Acting like “you’re the bigger man because you let the overseer give you more cotton to pick without protest” is foolish. Your power comes in saying “let me find a better way or at least a better spot to pick cotton until I can find a better way.”

    • Homie I just responded to the threat… me being about that life would’ve gotten me killed! LOL

      From the educated or assumed to be educated comes the examples of how to handle society as a whole. We tend to believe they are winning because they are employed and are able to cover their debts and burdens. When in actuality they have learned a system of coping with loss and take pride in it like it’s what intelligence is about.

      We have a lot of cowards telling the masses how to handle conflict. This power over you angle is like arguing with GOD as no one will agree with you. But, when you have the right knowledge and understanding you spot a losing tactic by the phrase they use.

      You are giving them power over you… REALLY? Is this a episode of DragonBall Z

  4. So true man so true!
    From when I smashed a backpack full of books off a kid’s head in grade 2 until last month when I decked this idiot in the eye with an onion at work had him teary and squintin like a dummy lol-you gotta let them know man! I just wish I was quick witted with the slick comebacks though lol.
    It’s not OUR fault people wanna mess around, but I’d be damned I sit there and put up with it! And when you do react and check em the spectators be like “OMG NOOOO!! Chiiiilllll!” Like man this fool sat here and taunted me and you want ME to chill?! Go chill with this ice pack broski lol
    people crazy man.

    • Now I’m not saying go vigilante on people but merely it’s a example of the power you have everyday. I don’t like when people say what the so called intelligent will do because most of their responses are timid at best.

      Bruh you have anger issues! LOL. Mine are teenage anger yours seem to be fresh wounds. Don’t let them have power over you. LMBAO

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