Depending on how specialized a industry you are in the more you’ll notice they are recycling the same people. If you happen to be one of those select few who are in the cycle I guess it’s cool. But, in business the same failure that messed up another company only comes over to yours with lies. They all lie and say the place they just came from and fvcked up was unorganized or some other cockamamie reason.

The higher you go up the more you see them only recycling white folks. ┬áNew Blood aka minorities usually aren’t given the opportunity to be on top.If they are they are burdened with that bullshit like you owe us. I sometimes run into these situations and if it wasn’t for me always being off plantation it would be a tough life.

Bigotry and Racism has it’s advantages and disadvantages and Recycled Whites is one of them. For those of you who actually believe working for someone is the way to go then heed the lesson.