The Return

Life is full of hiccups and surely the R&G has had it’s own. But, rest assured the content of the website is still around I just have to get someone more knowledgeable than me to update it.

With that said why not just MOVE ON! So this is the new iteration of the R&G with <HORIZONTAL SCROLLING> I am taking this whole issue as a chance to reinvent the R&G. I will have new hustles and new angles to the game. So build with the new until I bring forth the content of the old.

Don’t worry the PODCASTS are safe and sound literally. But today is a new day and I don’t like waiting for fixes when I can simply move forward. The R&G didn’t die it just got that Spiritual Glow!



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  1. So glad your site is back! I like to say I was “gifted” your podcasts from a good friend of mine. As a woman of color who is transitioning out of the noose, your podcasts have been a great reality check. Much love to you and mad respect.

    • Hey Salena,

      I’m glad to hear they are helping you out of your situation. Most of this game is mental and when our limited mental traps our physical it limits our potential. I got more slated for 2016 and don’t forget to pickup the books at

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