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While at work the main Master told everyone they should bone up on their plantation skills so they can keep their jobs ahead of the 20 year olds! I sat there again and thought to myself boy will I have a lot of shit to write on the R&G from working at this plantation. She later went on to say to the slaves we all need to be ahead of those new fresh baby powder smelling 20 year olds who will come in here and take your job.

So as I surveyed the room I started seeing people actually worrying about that shit. I smiled a bit and thought these young dumb motherfvckers can have my job. In fact motherfvcker I got no hate in my heart I’ll fvcking train you to be the best slave you can possibly be. But, back on point they were all worried that someone was going to turn them into glue and for a second there I saw all of their faces slump realizing they are old fvcks in this game.

See the slave never realizes this game we all play in is temporary. Only the Suckers try to make a home out of it. Only the Suckers try to move up when money is oil in the machine. Only a Sucker doesn’t realize that no one wants to keep his old ass around instead of paying the young and dumb half the money. If the Sucker ever ran a business they wouldn’t cry or worry about the next round of slaves getting off the boat. They would think cool because now I can slip away and do something else. Maybe the Sucker should realize when the 20 year old’s are coming then that might be your queue to start something of your own.

When I was 21 I remember working for a law firm in the billing department. Those old folks in there did everything really slow. I thought for sure I can’t stay here because this is the place where dreams die. So I shook the spot after 6 months and I’m sure they had a sigh of relief that one 20 year old said fvck this. I remember the CFO telling me to stop complaining as the old folks based their whole life on this shit and they were trying to find a cool place in hell. I told him I would keep my thoughts to myself and I did from that point on in my life.

I feel like Paul Revere on this post… the 20 year olds are coming, the 20 year olds are coming. Snitching on horseback at a plantation near you. If you’re ever worrying about someone younger than you taking your job you should start something immediately. They still have to train the young slave for at least a year so that gives you 365 days before they turn your old ass into glue.

This is your patna FreeMan reporting live from the upper fields of the north plantation where if you’re old folk you will be glue and if your 20 and dumb you will be new.


  1. Supreme Ase wrote:

    The transition the elder slaves can do is to contract themselves out to several companies capitalizing on their experience to train 20yr olds at multiple businesses. The Old slave gets to keep thier income up, the company gets to save $ and gain on the mentorship of the pup, & the pup gets to soak up Game

    old slave salary-$60k
    pup slave salary-30k
    contract salary 20k x 3 contracts=60k(same money for old slave)

    company saves 10k and gets the best of both worlds (bonus* they can 1099 the contractor thus saving on taxes, insurance & beenies)

  2. Miss T wrote:

    This is so true. They get rid of the old slaves and bring in the fresh new babies who still got similac all around their mouths into slaves and brainwash them making them think there is no better way to go.

    I bet them old slaves are goin nuts, stressing out and panicking how to keep their jobs. Even if they do bone up their skills, their job is already taken by some fresh face. Wow!

  3. R&G wrote:

    @Supreme – Sounds like a great plan but the same old slave never thinks of theirselves in that fashion. Most are sitting there working the ABACUS doing calculations and get frustrated the computer system will change soon.

    You got to have a enterprising mind to become a consultant. If they had that mind they wouldn’t have ever been on the plantation and if so not for long.

    @Miss T – It’s a scare tactic to make the old folk move faster. When people have choice but they don’t realize it they get artificial pressure put on them. Only when there is a recession will the company do a regime change. So they don’t have to really worry but ti’s a great threat.

  4. kozidoesit wrote:

    Scare tactics you said it best. Everyday Im being threatened to be fired so I work harder, then you lose focus and think your getting moved up. But your pay rate stays the same. They really use the young 20 years old like me like a snot tissue then when their done they disspose. If that aint some slave shit!!! At that point the empire is the ONLY solution to evade all this ish mane!

  5. R&G wrote:

    It’s the only solution for you and I! I got no hate for any young cat who want to get cut a check in life but since I’m more seasoned I want to write them instead. So if the 20 year olds are coming then it’s a sign that I’ve been delaying doing for myself entirely too long.

    Got to come up with something that finances your real survival not listening to losers who got a higher position on the plantation tell you some snake shit. What kind of devil tells you someone can take your job anyway. This whole plantation game is ass backwards.

  6. mcdivit85 wrote:

    That fear mongering only works on those who see their future tied to the company. Those who are only there as a stop on the train could care less. The fact is, whenever someone else controls your livelihood, your on borrowed time anyway.

    @ Supreme Ase

    That’s an excellent idea that most would not think to do, especially those who have been on the plantation for many years. I’ve been pondering this idea for myself ever since talking to some dudes who are doing it.

  7. R&G wrote:

    Well it works on 85% of the people you see. They do believe they have found a good master to serve. They see how they will one day one a plantation for their master. They take all the classes and learn all kind of bullshit skills for that glorious day when they get to care for the master’s children.

  8. uglyblackjohn wrote:

    Ninja pa-lease. I always have young cats coming at me with some “new” hustle as to what’s now hot in the club business. After I listen to his hyperbole I sit him down and explain that I cannot use what he is offering but then give hive five or six leads to others who may need his services. I give him the business cards of others who he could work with in order to tighten his game. I introduce him to those who already have what he is seeking. In the end the twenty year old feels that he owes me and ends up giving me what he was once trying to sell me.

  9. R&G wrote:

    Well you are the dispatcher of your town overall. Me the 20 year olds have to go through their angle and find out it doesn’t work. Then if they still got that knack they’ll come looking for knowledge of what works. But, so many cats have no idea and just reproduce what everyone else produces to be a Hustler by Name not a Hustler by Game. To me it’s a process but I’m not worried about the baby crawling in this game at all.

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