Work Hard… Play Harder

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Although this sounds like the right thing to do it isn’t. If you work that hard that you feel you deserve a prize to trick off your money then you need to stop and think about how to make money easier. There hasn’t been a job invented by Man nor God that requires a person to work so hard that a reward is guaranteed. I think Budweiser or TGI Fridays made this saying up so the average Sucker feels the need to trick.

Let’s break it down. Most likely the cat who works hard and plays hard is a employee of someone who made him work hard for a year for a ski vacation. Most likely this same cat runs a business where he hasn’t hired anyone so he works 18 hours a day. Most likely this cat enjoys extreme sports, gets drunk and thinks the best things he can buy is living it up. Most likely this cat has copied either James Bond or Frank Sinatra or some other FICTIONAL character from head to toe down to the car behind the garage door. In other words we have a cat who believes in the CON so much that he is selling it back to other Suckers.

Real talk the way to make money is to find a simple product with a simple process and push it. Do you think Colgate Palmolive works hard to put Irish Spring in your shower? Why would anyone think that working hard is the key element in making money so much so that they plan to trick off the proceeds. You would think they would do the opposite because if you had to work that damn hard to get it maybe your dumbass should save it! Somehow the Suckers have come up with a way to justify tricking when in reality their stupid ass hasn’t figured out a way to make the same 100K a new easier way.

I know I’m not going to stop this saying from catching on in the SuckerSphere but for those who have a eye open peep game and absorb. The goal of money is not to trick but to stack enough of it and have it work for you that you don’t even call it tricking you call it your life…. a HIGH LIFE!

This MYTH BUSTER has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood FreeMan. Exposing Devils since 2003!


  1. Nicki D. wrote:

    WOW!!! THAT PART YOU SAID ABOUT BEING AN EMPLOYEE, AND WORKING FOR A SKI TRIP! THAT’S CRAZY… I can still remember how excited i used to be when i used to work for others, and then FRIDAY showed up… It was like i was a Free’d slave or something… Me and the rest of the Slaves walked around all day with this “TODAY IS FRIDAY” pep in our step… And of course, during that weekend, we would PLAY as hard as we could before Monday arrived, and we had to report back to the BIG HOUSE! LOL…



  2. joeblow wrote:

    WOW! Thiis is by far the best post. This is exactly the point I am working so hard at my job. Al these fools are tricking their dough away because we have gotten extra hours mean while I have been saving upwards of half of my income and stacking thousands away so that I can take that money and make money! You’re right you can’t explain game to a sucker…you can only sell them a product.

  3. R&G wrote:

    @ND – Well its’ the Sucker reward system to never stack anything and end up in the same spot they were the week before. I get tired of people saying they deserve to trick because of how hard they worked. Common sense says you need to stack if you have to work that damn hard to get it.

    @JB – You can only post game on the bulletin board at the laundromat homie or on the telephone poll as only a couple of cats will pull the little paper. BUT, we still need to lace people by having conversations about it so we can wake up those who want to open their eyes.

    A little bit of sacrifice goes a long way! All that money you save will be what you need to start the company and sustain your way of life until it takes off. A job is a opportunity to stack but not the end of the road. Most cats stay on that road until they die with nothing but a life full of tricking and telling their kids what they should’ve done.

  4. KD wrote:

    You right I think cats get so caught in the hype when they are psychologically saying otherwise. They are basically saying, “I work for sh-t and they treat me like sh-t but I use to be the man so I’m going hard in the paint come happy hour Friday…and its pay day!”.

  5. A.B. wrote:

    This is off topic a bit, but its crazy you mentioned Colgate Palmolive. I was thumbing through my Zune last week and came across your podcast “What It Look Like” and that had me thinking about the products, companies, and people that really make bread out here that you really don’t hear about. Now yesterday while brushing my teeth the “What It Look Like” podcast popped in my head and for some reason I started reading the back of the Irish Spring box and saw Colgate Palmolive, then I looked at my tube of toothpaste and it said Colgate Palmolive. That got me wondering who the hell the HNIC of Colgate Palmolive is because Im padding his pockets crazy and didnt even realize it. I know he’s making major chips and I sure as hell dont see him on tv.

    Sorry for getting off topic but I had to bring that up.

  6. R&G wrote:

    @KD – If you have to work in hell to get a piece of heaven why not stack the money from hell to get out of hell. That’s how you know they aren’t thinking and watching too much TV bcuz who would keep working a job they hate without figuring a way out of it. It’s a slave mentality but they are a slave to the chips they don’t know how to manage.

    @AB – No problem because Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever are the two companies that are all in your house from Comet to Old Spice. Their products fit the simple model and they push them from the 99 cent store to your liquor store.

    What’s funny is you aren’t going to find the cat who owns Colgate but instead you’ll see the CEO or President. Shit he probably had a sandwich at Subway with you yesterday as he was the cat who looked kinda smart but looked kinda normal… and that’s the game…

  7. joeblow wrote:

    Exactly! I see it all the time with the truck drivers I work with they always say they should have went to school. Or opened up a business, mind you they are all making a very good income to not have a college degree! Instead they spent that paper on Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW. It’s very sad to see them work and consistently spend their whole pay-check and be broke and stuck working under stress and miserable to make ends meet. It’s true no matter how many raises the average person gets, they will still find a way to spend it.

  8. R&G wrote:

    See a young man thinks he has enough money so he never goes back to school. Instead he ends up a truck driver forever and now has burdens like kids, wife and house that won’t allow him to get right. So it’s a young man’s trap that they are in and it’s really sad. What’s good money for you at 21 ain’t half as much that you need past 25.

    This is why they blow it primarily because their life is fvcked up so they celebrate like a slave can and that’s only on the weekend because the rest of their life is awful. That’s why they try to sprinkle the youngins but most young cats never return to college and get their life right.

  9. joeblow wrote:

    That’s real. Don’t get me wrong they make an ok living and some of them make 100k but, they are stuck doing a job they never had a passion for and never being able to pursue their dreams. One driver told me he was a straight A student and stopped school for this job. He said it was the worst mistake of his lifetime

  10. J Clark wrote:

    Great post, Cats always tell me this, but the very few ones who are really getting to the money dont seem to work hard and play harder. Living for the weekend always seemed a little wack to me shouldnt a wednesday be just as good as a saturday.

  11. R&G wrote:

    Living for the weekend is definitely the angle most cats are on. Well if you have enough money everyday is Saturday as the weekdays only count if you have to go to work. Otherwise the weekdays are used by the wealthy for days they conduct business.

  12. Eman wrote:

    Very good post!

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