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I found it and it took me a while. I knew the other side of the Water Hustle was the Coffee Start-up and it’s only a start up because you will need to buy a trailer or equip your Econline Van. Now this is a great small start up since you can brew coffee easily and it’s cheap as all hell to make. Also, you can get the combo going and sell packaged donuts along with it because who usually buys a coffee by itself. This is a early morning hustle that allows you to pickup and go from place to place from factory to busy downtown with ease. This is at best a part time business because you only need to probably work for 4 to 5 hours a day which is about how long coffee is valuable to the average worker. You don’t have to be fancy unless you are catering to yuppies and hippies as most people are straight drinking Sanka in the morning. Think about it… the coffee is so insignificant whatever you don’t sell can be just dumped so you are making something from nothing aka money from basic elements.


  1. Find out all the basic equipment needed to furnish your trailer/van/campershell
  2. Find out what licenses are needed in your city to have a mobile coffee truck. Now while you probably aren’t selling too much food the feds love to regulate everything.
  3. You can probably buy a old van for cheap like 2K and set up the whole thing or a truck that you can easily take off the bed and buy the trailer.


  1. Once you get your route down you can buy a second truck and start the “Joe on the GO” or “Brew Hoo” company.
  2. Start expanding the different types of coffee you offer along with danishes,donuts and other pastry.
  3. Come up with your own line of coffee and start selling the bags so people can brew them in their offices.
  4. Don’t forget as you perfect the coffee truck you might up your offerings and start selling premade breakfast sandwiches.  You don’t need to make them you just need to know where to buy them!

Start off with factory workers like garbage truck depots, construction guys, bus drivers, city workers depot as all these guys usually drink crappy coffee in the morning from anyplace. This way you don’t have to worry about it tasting great and you can perfect it as you get your money right. As you perfect the right taste then you can move into the downtown sectors right near a big parking lot or near the main train station. Whichever gives you about 100 customers a day will yield you about 400 dollars a morning and that equals to about 8 thousand a month for about 20 hours a week of work.

Now the price is something you’ll have to investigate because although I refer you to someone who is selling the whole package I don’t think it actually costs that much money. Any old van that runs or good running V8 truck would be enough to get you started. BUT, keep in mind that most employee’s drink coffee to start their day and Starbucks can’t be everywhere especially where the average blue collar worker is. So click the link and see what this cat is talking about below but keep in mind you sure as hell don’t need to lay out 18K for a simple brewing coffee start up like this… BUT… it’s good to know all you will need to start…


Coffee Truck Example



  1. ed wrote:

    I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea and it would be nice to have tea, cocoa and hot water available. In addition, this can be repurposed for lunch to sell those things that just require hot water like those cup of Ramen Noodles for lunch just for $1 and still make mad profit. They have all kind of varieties of these Noodles instead of that Cup-of-Noodles stuff that comes in beef and shrimp flavor.

    Because the Ramen Noodes are shrink wrap, this may not even require one of those fancy food preperation permits..

  2. R&G wrote:

    I think the coffee truck idea is just a breakfast lunch truck. Since most people just want the coffee and something small and carryable to eat it doesn’t have to be some big catering truck. I especially like how the cat put it on the back of a truck by taking off the bed as to me that makes the price go way down. It’s kind of like a attachment to a truck which could be made to be ready to go.

    I don’t know about Ramen noodles as college kids eat that but I haven’t seen anyone eat that in the morning.

  3. ed wrote:

    The Ramen Noodle angle was a suggestion for the lunch hour to keep stacking up the money for a few more hours in the day.

    In this economy, I doubt cats are spending $8.50 for lunch at Panda Express like the good old days and especially with gas prices shooting up to $4/gallon. I have seen more and more cats eating those Ramen Noodle cups and I have to keep nudging them about the sodium count. I saw more elaborate dehydrated noodle offering that can probably be sold with a cup of hot water and a spoon and charge them a few bucks for something that cost under $1 wholesale.

    Overall, you know I love this hustle because another thing it does is allow cats to crowd around and meet people. Imagine hiring an attractive girl to always show up to get something at the construction site – cats will show up just to try to be next to her and buy something!

  4. R&G wrote:

    Well it fits the basics of money. A product that is low to buy and high in resale. No infrastructure costs aka rent, internet, and power. Ability to reproduce in multiple locations. Ability to relocate and upsale more items and build your own brand. No education required and minimal permits required to execute.

    While this is a Start Up primarily because it might cost you 2 to 3K to roll out I think any cat who had the Water Hustle going in the afternoon could have the Coffee Truck Start Up in the morning and Make Cake. Plus the Coffee Start up is addictive from the caffeine and year round as it’s always cold in the morning unlike the Water Hustle that needs Summer or above 80 degrees.

  5. Rerun wrote:

    You know what freeman you always give up so much game for free. I think the average person right now thinks you should be charging us for the game so I appreciate it.

    I never thought of this but your right no matter the weather someone drinks coffee. Besides the hustles these start ups are step 2 in the game.

  6. R&G wrote:

    You’re Welcome but it’s not that big of a deal really as it hasn’t risen to the level of work. So until that day comes it’ll stay gratis.

    The Start Up is simple in execution and you can move if the spot runs dry. So like you said it’s Step 2 from the water hustle. I think a smart cat can do both and load up water to keep it cold and have a whole truck full of water on ice to hit the streets.

    Money is money and when you do the math on this one you’ll see the money can add up fast. 3 cent cup of coffee being sold for 2 bucks with a 20 cent donut being sold for 1 buck. The chips really add up fast!

  7. joeblow wrote:

    I think this start-up is underrated. I have been doing my research on it though, this one seems within a perfect range for me, and easy to make chips on.

  8. R&G wrote:

    I like it too because it frees up your afternoons to do something else. I don’t think the layout is that much money to tell you the truth and 100 cups a morning will probably yield you 300 bucks. On top of that people aren’t just going to drink coffee alone as they will get a danish or donut to go with it.

    It’s the morning combo and I think you can make 400 a day which is 2k a week which is 8k a month for about 80 hours of work. So you average to about 100 bucks a hour. It’s a good start up for sure.

  9. Hassan wrote:

    This start up here is definately something I can see myself doing. It is low cost to get into and you can see returns pretty quickly. I actually live in Albany, Ny (The capital). I stay across the street from most of the state office buildings. There are tons of customers and they all drink coffee in the morning. Some come as early as 6am and they are still coming in at 9am. Then they come outside to smoke in large groups all day long. Plus the St trooper head quarters is around the corner. I have done some Recon now I need to swing into action.

  10. R&G wrote:

    It’s some quick money and it’s a cheap startup. If you live across the street you can scale it down and just get a cart or something and save even more money. Just make sure you get your permits right as the Statey’s will check for it.

    A quick couple hundred a day and I’m telling you you’ll be stacking. Everything is execution so now that you see the opportunity it’s time to get it up.

  11. joeblow wrote:

    So where could we find info about the equipment Freeman. I am so excited about this one I’m “gleeking” like it’s Thanksgiving and I’m Sherman Klump. lol

  12. ed wrote:


    Look for a place that sell used utility trucks because I’ve seen them there. These places usually have a lot of used white trucks and vans used for utility poles and cargo vans and they probably have a few coffee trucks also.

  13. R&G wrote:

    @JB – Man you are going to have to call and find out yourself. I can’t hold your hand about these kind of things if that was the case why would I share if I have to do all the work.

    You see what’s possible and that should be enough. The simplest thing to do is to call up link I left and ask them what’s going on then find someone close. But, you have to do the work.

  14. YUNG-N-BOUT-CASH wrote:

    This is a great idea Freeman, U think u can u give me an estimate on how much u think start-up expenses might be?

  15. R&G wrote:

    No, I think you should call the link I provided and see what he’s talking about. Then you can look on craigslist for coffee trucks as there are a couple.. Put together the puzzle yourself as you’ll come up with your own numbers.

    No Hand Holding Here!

  16. YUNG-N-BOUT CASH wrote:

    alright, i feel u. good looks & good post

  17. joeblow wrote:

    This one is definitely a winner. I have been scouting spouts and talking to people who all agree that they would have no prob buying 2 dollar coffee. Now I just gotta get the truck. Thanks for the post!

  18. R&G wrote:

    @Yung – It’s not personal homie as much as I’d rather teach you how to fish instead of give you one. The example is pretty self explanatory the only thing missing is HEART & HUSTLE and that’s provided by YOU!

    @JB – It’ll work for sure but who will organize the whole thing and try it out? You will never have all the information as if it was that easy there would be one million coffee stands. The first one to perfect it and take the chance gets the millions the rest of them copy and hope to make money by overcoming their cowardice and reinventing the wheel.

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