If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere

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By far the dumbest statement ever said when it comes to Money. I think the New York tourism department needs to win awards for all the BS they pump out about their city. So many Suckers to the game swallow the BS and think they need to get to the self-proclaimed Mecca. Truth be told I can understand as I am from LA so NY is just another two letters but to a lot of you cats it’s where chips are born. Well I can’t make you have pride in yourself and where your from but I sure as hell can destroy this myth.

Do some research and you’ll find the majority of people who are Billionaires and Millionaires in this world did not create their wealth in NY. A lot of them came to conduct business there and NY is definitely set up for rich people to spend their money but none of the people made it there. I swear this whole saying was created by NY tourism to attract enough Suckers to NY and take getting paid lesser than by conning you to say but I live in NY. When I lived there people would justify all kinds of pay cuts and BS and shrug their shoulders and say that’s NY. I would run into people who would work for free making money for another then justify it and say that’s the way you make it in NY!

Look money is made where you are and anyone who realizes that will drop their shovel where they are. All you’re going to find in NY is a whole bunch of Suckers running around wasting the hustling years of their life justifying being dicked and conned in a dirty ass city. Yes, Freeman was in NY but where did I make all my money… right back in good ole Kalifornia. Now that I’ve been there and back I can analyze NY and say it would be better businesswise to make money outside of NY.

Don’t get caught up in being around the Suckers no matter how excited they are. Find out where the chips are being made around you and start digging as you’ll come up with something. History shows not too many people made anything in New York but a damn fool of themselves for wasting time there….

This MYTH BUSTER has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood FreeMan. Exposing Devils since 2003!


  1. ed wrote:

    I don’t want to give cats the impression that if they up in Cornville, Iowa that they can hustle into the big leagues without dealing with New York City. They will have to deal wirh NYC or any major economic hub or cluster.

    Cats are going to have to book airline tickets and get and understanding of these large hub cities and how they can make it work for then. I would be dishonest if cats think I just ATL when I fly out to DC and New York very often to handle money and regulatory matters.

    No, you don’t have to from there but you do have to know these places very well to do business in to get to the big picture.

  2. R&G wrote:

    If you investigate a lot of the people who made millions the great majority are not from big cities. They are from Cornville Iowa and they dominated their little town..

    Look at Sam Walton in Arkansas and Warren Buffet in Nebraska. They didn’t think they needed to be in a big city to make their billions at all.

    We disagree as I think anyone right now could make a million in their city without ever leaving Cornville. If someone right now in Augusta made a trucking line from Savannah to all points inland they would never have to leave home.

    I think we are led to believe you need to somehow become accustomed to big city ways but in reality we all get back to square one with our hustles and that is…..

    What can I do right now with what I have and where I am at…

  3. Antwil wrote:

    Damn Freeman!

    Where did the Anti NYC/Big City rant come from??
    You could have made the same point – Just as strong but in a different way.

    Were you trying to offend New Yorkers??
    “…Suckers in a dirty ass city”??????????
    I’m a sucker get’in dicked???? Only NYer’s are suckers and get’in dicked??? No suckers in L.A.
    get’in dicked??? Yeah, right!!

    Yes, you were right in your overall point that you don’t have to be from New York to make it big
    in the quest for chips… Yeah New York isn’t the cleanest spot on the map, but it’s home town homeboy!!

    Let’s offer honest critque and leave the sideways talk checked at the door!!

    Let’s concentrate on the chip game… That’s what I wwant to get here… Not the East coast/West coast stuff found in the rap game.

    I’m from New York… Brooklyn, New York….
    I’m looking to Rise by Get’in on my Grind and the “Suckers” everywhere should upgrade their Game by check’in on the Rise and Grind Show!

    Still, love the site and what you do….Keep on do’in it…. You don’t have to offend people to make a point. Stay humble… Just my two cents my brother!

  4. ed wrote:

    I don’t know if there is a disagreement if this is a opinion matter – if Sam Walton make Wal-Mart a publicly traded company on the NYSE, he had to go to New York and do business in New York investment/banking community to get on the NYSE.

    You are mentioning these millionaires and billionares but left out the reason these rich/CEO cats have $5 million Lear G5s is to fly back and forth to places like New York City and back home on a weekly basis.

    You already admitted you been in New York City making moves as well as other cities on the come up. That’s not real to be preaching to some cat in Cornville, Iowa he/she don’t need to deal with New York City or any other large metropolitan economic cluster hub to make it up the ladder.

    This is not about the city and the high rent, my angle is economic hubs and clusters is the source of business activity and innovation whether it be London, New York, Bejing or whater, people have to know these areas and even have to go immerse themselves into these areas to understand the game at 100mph.

    Yes, I can sit here and say we have this and can work with what we got. But there is someone tapping me on the shoulder and this person lives in a BRIC country and can do what I do for pennies on my dollars and that’s the reality. Cornville, Iowa is not safe from Calcutta, India in this global economy.

    Even in the trucking example, New York, Washington DC have a profound effect on transportation laws and cost and this is why truck company owners are some of the biggest lobbyists.

    Sure, you don’t have to be from NYC or Chicago as most of those people stay stuck in their borough or corner. But at the same time, cats ain’t going to avoid the major economic hubs on the come up. And in 2010, cats ain’t going to avoid international cities on the come up either..

  5. R&G wrote:

    @Antwil – LOL yes this was seasoned with hate but that’s more from my own personal experiences. So don’t take it personal as if you came to LA and walked away saying everyone was fake I would have to fall back and say that’s your experience right? It’s not a indictment on the whole city as I have family there, still visit twice a year and NY played a significant part of my chip game so it’s not hate. But, I know the flavor of the people and the setup of the city makes natural cut throats and once you have something to fight for you’ll be fighting indeed.

    I’ll keep it humble but hey give me some room to express myself and my opinion. You don’t have to agree with everything but the R&G isn’t a text book it is about the opinion of myself and others who have tried things out. So it can’t be taken like the 6 o’clock news.

    Don’t worry it doesn’t come up that much but when it does I’ll put a H in front of the title so people know possible hate is in this post. LOL

    And bruh YES there are plenty of Suckers in LA too. It’s a epidemic across the country.

    @Ed – My route took my own personal success took me to NY but years later with my current knowledge I didn’t need to be there at all. The goal is to debunk the myth so cats know money is made right where they are.

    Let’s use Sam Walton. This cat was flying all over Arkansas making millions way before he even went public. NYSE was only necessary to take his company public but no money was made for WalMart in NY State or City. It’s like a cat who makes a great movie in Idaho has to get it distributed through movie studios in LA right? LA has nothing to do with it except that’s where the movie studios are. The cat didn’t have to move to LA, interact with LA or visit LA until he decided to take his movie to the big screen. Now if he was local what the hell he needs LA for.

    Look you can start a chain of fast food restaurants right now in Richmond Virginia and become a millionaire without anyone knowing. No cat from a BRIC country is competing with me on selling you BBQ. We have a lot of opportunities at a very small organic level that no one will be able to compete with us on because they physically have to be here to taken advantage of them.

    Now I’m not disagreeing with you on the bigger sense of business but most cats ain’t even there yet. You can’t prepare cats for things they don’t know or haven’t experienced yet. Folks have to work on starting their first business before they worry about cheap labor or cheap production in other countries. The grand majority of us aren’t in any position to counteract what is going on in the BRIC because we don’t have any businesses to even compete with their production power. So I think it’s premature to worry about it at this point.

    I think the HUBS are great to visit but numbers don’t lie and most of the cats in LA, NY, Chicago do not becomes millionaires. Cat’s are dominating the areas where they live and they might come to NY to raise capital but they aren’t there to make the millions.

    Most cat’s angles in life are not that big and if they are then they know what they have to do like I did. Our race has a lot of space where we can dominate from cleaners, restaurants, day cares, elderly care, pet care and all kind of neighborhood things. If a cat took care of these things and dominated he would be a millionaire guaranteed. My angle is just that, take advantage of where you are and what you have as that seems to be the way the Billionaires did it and they didn’t have to be in a HUB to accomplish it.

  6. KD wrote:

    If youre not a actor any other type of entertainer I don’t think that you should be looking towards any Major City to try to create or establish yourself unless you have bonafied evidence that this is what the people want, there. What I took from the post is don’t get misled by popular perception, stay grounded and focused where you are at before looking to the big leagues prematurely.

  7. R&G wrote:

    KD you got the moral of the story homie! What part of the chip game is someone who wants to make money deciding to go where there is a lot of competition? It doesn’t make Money Sense to go there where you can dominate in the area you know intimately.

    The Big Leagues are for when you have a Big League game as most cats need to stay in the farm league or AAA or AA and work up to that point. Like I said Sam Walton built Wal Mart in Arkansas and made millions way before he worried about going public and getting listed on the NYSE..

    You can dominate where you are and it’s premature and idiotic to go to places that you don’t necessarily have to go. This is a marketing scam to get the talented to all be in one spot so they can get hired by the Hustler. It’s just the Sucker is so stupid he doesn’t realize he’s wasting time.

  8. Jose Romero wrote:

    I have no idea why people are taking offense about what Freeman had to say about NY. I agree with him NY is not a good idea to build a business. The state of NY is notorious for taxing businesses and individuals up to the hilt. Insurance rates are high and the rent you pay will eat up alot of your money. Not to mention you will have thousands of other people probably selling the same wares you have the competition will be fierce.

    We all have a preconcieved notion that NY is the place to be to make money. I dont necessary believe that. You can make money anywhere as long as there are two people willing to exchange a product or service for cash. For example if you want to be a property investor you will need to have alot of money to buy a property anywhere in NY especially in Manhattan where you can be made to pay triple the price. The funny thing is you can go to another state or cornville idaho and find the same property for alot cheaper.

    And dont worry about the wall street cats they will come to you when you are ready to go public!
    i say make money where you are at! and sooner or later once you hit the big leagues then you can come over to NY to spend your hard earned cash on over priced goods! remember you must pay NY tax, mob tax, union tax and whatever god awful tax there is!

    And I’m a New Yorker born and bred!!


  9. R&G wrote:

    @JR – When I was in NY I saw unnecessary obstacles to making money as you listed. When I left there I realized I had a great time there personally but financially I would’ve doubled my money by setting up shop outside the city. You pay for the conveniences probably more than people realize.

    I just wanted to debunk the myth like making it in NY is a measure of success. NY is a great city full of people and experiences but Hustle wise it’s a unnecessarily hard way to make money.

    To me it was like watching the King. The haves enjoying life beyond reason and the have nots being happy to be next to them. So I had to get out of there once I realized the game that was being played.

    @Charles – See now I could say you are hating on LA but truth be told that’s your experience. There are two sides of LA the part the out of towners think is LA and then what us who grew up there know it is. LA has a great tourism machine too to keep attracting naive talent to be waiters so they can still go to auditions.

    See to me you capitalized on where you are. If the lay of the land in LA is all these acting cats trying to get put on then the business would be helping them to get put on. When I was in NY I just found my lane and executed and stayed away from getting caught up in trying to be a New Yorker.

  10. ed wrote:

    I think something important is being missed here. The statement “I you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is more to do about being immersed in a hub where you get more skills and techniques being in that environment.

    True, someone can fantasize they in some small town and can make with a small business. But let someone from New York City who made it in that same sector setup shop next door and we’ll see how long that one will last.

    If I’m correct, LA gangs was able to run out small town gangs across America and NYC drug dealers were able to setup operations throughout the East Coast. The India and Koreans put the retailing and motel business on lock. These people came out of specialized hub areas and are simply good at what they do.

    I was at a local barbershop here in ATL when some NYC cats opened up right next door and they hustling flyers and stuff like they back up in Brooklyn..ran the local out of business. The local stuff sounds cute, but at the end of the day, the cat that got the most depth in the game is going to prevail and places like NYC got depth..

  11. R&G wrote:

    Yes, I agree these big cities provide excellent training grounds but for all the organically aggressive folk you don’t hear them producing businesses. If this was the case cities like LA, NY, Chicago would have so many businesses open we would have 3 Black Wall St again…

    The cats from NY, LA and Chicago are not going to show up in the smaller towns. Atlanta is unique as it’s a migrant city for Blacks but I’m confident Macon or Savannah does not have this migrant problem. So for the cat in these towns they can dominate. Also, if the cat in these towns did something that isn’t so common to be duplicated who cares who shows up.

    While I agree people in these cities who grow up in the element are more aggressive I don’t think the average cat there is more prepared to open up a business. If we’re talking illegal angles like guns, drugs, gangs and prostitution then any dummy can do that. But, when it comes to opening a business these same people don’t know how to file the papers just like the cat in a small town.

    When we move ourselves above what happens on the street it’s easy to see there is no competition for any of us to open up dry cleaners, laundromats, restaurants, oil change places, Check cashing, beauty supply, mechanics, pest companies and the like…

    There’s really no competition when you decide to take your Hustle above the street and actually organize a business. No cats from a big city will come down in enough numbers to stop the cat who decides to organize some daycares and make a brand name out of them.

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